I've got my TiVo back!

When TiVo initially burst on the scene so many years ago, I was one of the first people to get one. I thought that recording TV in such a way would be a revolution, and a huge time saver. I was right. I could record all the TV I wanted, and then play it back whenever I wanted. I was no longer tied to the TV network’s schedule, I made my own. AND, I could skip commercials. It would forever change the way I watched TV.

Well when the Hi-Def television revolution started, Comcast got themselves HD DVR boxes of their own before TiVo did. So after waiting awhile, I sadly made the switch to the Comcast DVR’s instead of TiVo. I pretty much hated Comcast, but I stayed with them so I didn’t have to have them come out for a call. It’s normally an exercise in futility. Well, I finally bit the bullet and traded in my two Comcast DVR’s and switched back to TiVos now with cablecards. Guess what, switching WAS an exercise in futility taking nearly three weeks, three appointments, and a half dozen bad cablecards. Oh and the first two appointments the techs didn’t make the install window. In fact, the first guy missed it by an hour and a half.

Anyway, after fighting with it for those three weeks, we finally got rid of the horrid Comcast boxes, and upgraded to TiVos. My world is SO MUCH BETTER. Here are some reasons why:

  • I can record in one room and watch in another
  • I can stream Netflix
  • I can stream Amazon and Blockbuster on Demand
  • I can view photos and videos from my network
  • I can view YouTube videos, internet traffic and weather (and more)
  • I can do Wishlists (having Tivo record me stuff based on search terms)
  • I can group all of my shows into folders
  • It doesn’t randomly lock up at least once or twice an evening
  • It costs less per month than Comcast AND I get a discount on the second DVR instead of full price like Comcast

So I’m thrilled to be back with TiVo. In just the few short weeks since we’ve switched back, it’s been so much nicer. I recommend it to anyone who needs a DVR, it’s simply the best you can get.