It Ends With: Building Lotus Support in your Company

Today’s a sad day for me. You see, my final story for Intranet Journal just got posted. I figured it should encompass how I feel about Notes, so I focused on “Building Lotus Support in your Company.”

If you are passionate about a software product, and that product can make people’s lives easier, you should be an advocate. You should shout praises from the rooftops, and show people the advantages of using that product as much as possible.

The reason this is my last story is because new owners are moving budgets to other publications, and Intranet Journal will no longer be accepting new stories. My editor will be doing quarterly updates, but there are no more month-to-month stories. This ends my three-and-a-half year run writing a monthly column for them.

I want to thank Mike Pastore who originally brought me on after seeing my work here on the blog. It was an ultimate compliment, and I hope I did you proud. And I really need to shout out to my long time editor, Mr. Tom Dunlap. Thanks Tom, it’s been a pleasure working with you, I have nothing but admiration for what you do, and I wish you much success on the new endeavors.

Hopefully these tips that I’ve given you, along with all of the articles I’ve put out there over the years, can help you get the most out of your Lotus investment. It truly is a remarkable piece of software. It’s time to make sure everyone knows it.

Hopefully, these last few years I’ve helped make sure people knew about it. So, now I move on and take a little time to relax. It’s going to be so weird without a monthly deadline, but I’ll try to enjoy it if I can. That said, if any of you paying publications would like my services, feel free to contact me!