2009 Resolutions in Review

Well every year, I try to recap how I did on my resolutions from the year before, so here we go!

  • Get Healthier – I think I did VERY well on this one this year. About mid year I was around 220 lbs. and now I hover around 190 lbs. So the 30 pound weight loss was huge for me. It had possibly been a decade since I actually was under 200 lbs. for any appreciable amount of time. I vow to never go over 200 lbs. again. I’m targeting another 20 lbs. in 2010, so we’ll see how it goes.
  • Avoid the Feb/March blues – Another one I think I accomplished well. I don’t think I fell into that same funk this year at all… I saved that for mid-year 🙂
  • Do more with my photography – A miserable #fail. I started a 52 week project to do pics once a week and I think I got 7 weeks in before I failed. So I need to re-up that one for 2010.
  • Spend more quality time with my kids – I think I’ve done better on this as well, but by all means I could do even more. But the girls and I have had Daddy/Daughter dates this past year for some one-on-one time and we’ve spent a bunch of time playing Rock Band/Band Hero together 🙂 I’m traveling more now due to the job, so I have be more cognizant of this overall going into the 2010.
  • Update my personal websites – AHAHAHAHAHAHAH yeah, I’ve done THAT! Obviously I have failed massively in that endeavor. Oh well, there’s always next year!

So that’s it for my resolutions. 2009 was a trying year for a lot of reasons, and I’ll have a recap of that soon…