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Well Ed tagged me, and much like Ed, I’m not sure there are five things that I haven’t already revealed on the blog or to people in person, but what the hell. I’ll give it a shot.

  • I’ve had an earring for over 20 years – I got one when it wasn’t fashionable, and in rural Iowa I took a lot of crap for it. I was called “fag” more than I can remember here. I now wear the diamond my wife gave me after I gave her an engagement ring.
  • I was the manager of a Hardee’s at age 17 – I worked nearly full-time (not enough to get benefits mind you) and still went to school full-time. It took a toll, but I had lots of spending money.
  • I was an All-State Speech contest finalist in two categories – In high school, I was president of the speech and drama clubs, and my junior year I went to All State in two separate categories. That made me one of the top 30 speech participants in Iowa. Dramatic Acting and Improvisational Acting in case you are keeping score.
  • I was a really good baseball player – If you look at me now, you wouldn’t realize that I was once a pretty good athlete. Playing high school baseball I played every position but right field and first base in the course of a season and twice singled, then stole second, third and home. I also hit for the cycle a couple times as well. I only hit one out of the park homerun, but I was a wicked base stealer. My favorite positions were pitcher, shortstop and second base.
  • I owned snakes in college – I had a Ball python and a Burmese python. My Ball python was three feet long. I got my Burmese when she could fit in the palm of my hand. Within 3 years she was six feet long!

EDIT: I Forgot that something like this went around before. So I changed one of the above entries, but some of these are still duplicates. Check out the 2005 version for more stuff!

So, since I gotta pass it on, how about Rob McDonagh, Declan Lynch, Bruce Elgort, Jess AND Matt (I’m counting you as one person) and Kevin Pettitt. Tag, you guys are it!