Nick Saban can suck it

Nick Saban, the coach of the Miami Dolphins for the last two years, just skipped out on the remaining years of his contract to take a job offer from Alabama. On December 21st, he said this:

guess I have to say it. I’m not going to be the Alabama coach

I know you can change your mind, but this pisses me off. As a lifelong Dolphin fan, I knew that turning the Dolphins back into the perennial playoff contender I grew up with would take some time. Saban was supposed to have five years, and I thought he could do it in that time span. Despite going 6-10 this year, as a fan, I was still willing to give Saban a chance, I think MOST Dolphin fans were.

Read that article I linked to above. He repeatedly denied interest in the Bama job, and he gave assurances to Wayne Huizenga late in the season that he wasn’t going anywhere. That’s my biggest issue. Huizenga is one of the best owners in the league, and he wants to do everything in his power to get the Dolphins winning again. To lie to him just adds insult to injury.

The thing that really upsets me as a fan is that now the Dolphins have to hit the reset button again. He’s left the franchise in a pretty bad state with tons of players ending up as free agents at the end of the season, and now we have to change coaching philosophies… again.

Say what you will about Dave Wannestadt, but he at least tried his hardest and didn’t leave us high and dry. Saban on the other hand will go down with Jimmy Johnson as the most reviled Dolphin coaches. The Miami Dolphins, and us fans, deserve more respect than you gave us you asshole.

If Jason Taylor retires, I’m flying to Alabama to slap you in the mouth myself…

EDIT: Dan LeBatard at the Miami Herald echos my feelings perfectly.