Flavia Flav!

One of my favorite gifts I got this year was the Flavia Fusion coffee maker. This is one of those single-serving coffee makers that will brew right into your cup. You pop in a flavia packet, hit a button, and you’ve got a piping hot cup o’ something in about 30 seconds.

I say ‘something’ because it has coffee, teas, wellness teas, and what they call indulgence drinks like cocoa, frothy topping, or Milky Way swirl. If you want a cappuccino you can run a froth packet, then run a coffee packet. Want a mocha? Run a cocoa packet, then a coffee packet. Basically you can make whatever combos you want, hence the “Fusion” moniker. It’s been a lot of fun coming up with different combinations to suit my tastes.

Now if you are an uber coffee snob, this probably isn’t for you. I am “kind” of a snob when it comes to coffee. I like to buy good whole beans and grind them right before brewing a pot. But, the coffee made by the Flavia is really decent, good even. And the ease of use and speed is awesome.

The nicest thing about the maker though is that everything is contained in the packets, so there is no real clean up. You pop the packet in, make your beverage and throw the packet away. There really is nothing to clean. All you have to do is change the filter in the water resevoir every couple months and then descale it once or twice a year.

I’ve really found this useful for the nights where I just wanta quick cup of coffee while working on the computer or watching TV. And if we forget to make a pop for the morning, I can grab a quick cup for my trip to work. All in all this thing completely rocks. It MAY even take up residence right next to my computer.