How did I do in 2006?

Every year, I like to make my new resolutions and then check them all at the end of the year to see how I did. Overall, I had a decent year with this stuff, even though my resolutions may not have all come to fruition.

  • Losing 10 pounds – I did lose ten pounds, then regain it, then lose it. For the year I’m probably down about 5 pounds. I am eating much more healthy however, so that’s a plus.
  • Personal Website updates – Not so good. My personal and business websites went untouched. But if you consider that I moved this blog to the next version of Blogsphere and completely changed the skin and look, as well as added some additional stuff (cocomment etc.) then I did do some updates to my “main” personal site.
  • Upload pics to flickr and digitize my music library – I did a lot of this, but not ALL of this. I did a lot with downloading music from Yahoo Music Unlimited, so my old CD’s didn’t get as much treatment as the new stuff. Still, I made headway.
  • Take more artistic photos – I did some but not nearly enough. Although for the holidays I got six picture frames for the bedroom in which I had to choose 5×5 inch size pieces of my photographs. It turned out great, and it makes me feel really good about how far I’ve come as a photographer.
  • Become an expert on all things ND7. This one I feel I’ve accomplished pretty well. There’s always stuff to learn, but I’ll put my admin skills up there with some of the best.
  • Try WSE again – We did, and it still was a dog. Put it on killer hardware and it was still too slow and cumbersome for our liking. We’ve shut down the server and will use it for other purposes.
  • Keep Writing – When I wrote that last year, about a month later I got an email from an editor at Intranet Journal that said “maybe I can help you with your resolution.” Now I write a monthly column on using Lotus Notes and Domino in your intranet environment. I’ve also kept the blog running well, although I’ve slacked a bit in the last few months. That’s okay though because in addition to really fulfilling this resolution, I’m also getting paid for it.
  • Start a podcast – Nope, not even close, although doing voice work for Taking Notes helps scratch that itch.
  • Get another certification – Who am I kidding, I’ll wait unitl the last minute like always!
  • Set a personal schedule – I did do this somewhat, but not officially. Got more lax as the year went one, but I might take another crack this year.
  • Keep down the clutter – I actually think the wife and I did much better with this in 2006. We weren’t perfect by any means, but I think 2006 was much less cluttered than 2005!

So while the resolutions went well, other things, not so much. I lost two aunts and a grandma this year, and while all of them were sad, one of them was particularly hard to take. I was away from work for too many funerals, that’s for sure. Let’s hope 2007 is much better in that regard.