Perweb.nsf error in the Notes client

I didn’t see much out there on this topic other than one thread I was lucky enough to come upon on the Notes 6 forums, so I wanted to share this Notes client wierdness with you.

The problem we were having was two-fold. The first issue was that a user could receive HTML email, but every graphic in those emails had a red X in it’s place. Wierd enough on its own. The second issue is that trying to open certain HTML emails would give a ‘Cannot Open the Web Navigator database’ error.

Here’s how you remedy both problems.

  • Find and delete your perweb.nsf database
  • Open Notes and create a NEW perweb.nsf database from the Personal Web Navigator template
  • Open your location document
  • On the Internet Browser tab, change the browser to say Notes
  • Set ‘Retrieve/Open pages’ to ‘from the Notes workstation’
  • Save and Close your location doc
  • Open one of the problem emails
  • It will now work
  • Go back to your location doc
  • Change the browser setting back to the browser of your choice

That’s it. Very bizarre that Notes rendering requires the perweb.nsf database. HTML rendering has always been less than stellar in the Notes client, and here’s probably one of the reasons why.