STOP! Geezer Time…

34 years ago today, my mother popped me out after 16 hours of excruciating labor. Yes, ’tis my birthday. You can all now rejoice.

So, what did I plan for my birthday? You guessed it, Domino upgrades! 🙂 I got into work at 5:45 AM and upgraded 5 servers in the Midwest and on the west coast to Domino 6.5.3. Man, I know how to party!

Everything went off without a hitch, and everything is purring along nicely. I love that Lotus does not have a rip-and-replace mentality. Almost every upgrade I’ve ever done has been wondrous.

But back to me. I survived another year, and am thrilled at the prospect of surviving another 50 or so… It’s interesting, because this time of year I always reminisce about the past. It’s a fall thing for me. For some reason the change in colors makes me think about past friends, past loves, past *ahem* evenings. The birthday does that too, but fall man, it just makes me nostalgic.

To heighten that this year, I got my invitation to my 15 year class reunion. I’m not going this year because I went to my 10th, and I doubt if people have changed that much. It’s also the weekend after Thanksgiving, and I have to work on that Friday.

But nonetheless, I wonder how all of my classmates are doing, and WHO they are doing. 🙂

This time of reflection makes me realize how good I have it now. Great wife, wonderful kids, supportive family, happy new job. Not everyone can say that. But at 34 I can. That makes me happy. Makes me smile.

I also realize how all of my old experiences shape who I am today. That’s why there is nothing in life that I regret. Regretting things means that you are unhappy with the way things currently are. I have no regrets. I am happy. I am 34. Rejoice!