Most Brilliant or Most Evil?

I just got done watching Superstar USA on the WB. This show is basically American Idol with a brilliant albeit evil twist. The twist on this show is that the ENTIRE thing is a big prank. Basically the hosts are voting through the WORST singers and are getting rid of anyone remotely decent. They aren’t just bringing bad singers to Hollywood, they are bringing the ones with the HUGE egos who truly think they have talent. They are making it seem like a real competition.

Now on one hand, this is decidedly evil. It is completely mocking these folks and getting their hopes up in order to tear them down. It has a very high school, Carrie-esque feeling to it. I actually at times feel somewhat sorry for these people.

On the other hand, for these people to be SO deluded, to actually think they are good, and have HUGE egos about it is insane. One of the fun things about American Idol is watching the judges rip apart the truly pathetic ‘talents’ that apply. For the life of me, I could never understand how someone so awful could wait in line for a day or two to totally suck in a singing competition. They HAVE to know they suck right? Apparently not. On this show, talentless hack after talentless hack gets voted through, and the contestants act as if they’re already stars. I almost think they deserve this prank.

So who knows, I may continue to watch it. It’s painful at times but brutally funny. I just have to get over the guilt associated with staring at this train-wreck.