As we’ve all seen on TV, the abuse of Iraqi prisoners is pretty deplorable. I have a slight problem however. My problem is, WHY is it okay to show these images on TV? I have not seen a newscast in days that didn’t show one of these photos. I’m talking early morning, noon and 5 o’clock news as well.

As you may have seen, I’m not real fond of everyone freaking out over the Janet Jackson incident. Basically to me, it was nothing more than a breast. No big deal. The thing is, every media outlet and pundit in the U.S. condemned Nipplegate as this horrible thing that children should never have seen. Well what about these photos?

Is it okay for my two and a half year old to see the naked prisoner pyramid? It’s been on EVERY, and I do mean EVERY newscast for days. So this morning while the wife and I are enjoying our coffee with the news on, the pictures come on again.

I just don’t get how no one is up in arms about this. This country has a huge fundamental problem with the way it perceives violence and sex. This pictures are fine to show over and over again during times children are awake and around, but the human body is evil. I just don’t get it.