To the land of corn

Well, I’m back to posting within a week, but that’s still better than my previous bi-weekly attempts at personal publishing 🙂 I have been developing applications for three whole days so I’m starting not to see straight. I love being able to develop, it’s probably the most fun part of my job. But alas, I’ve hit a wall.

That’s okay, tonight will consist of some mindless TV (Fox’s Fastlane) and then on to the computer at home for some Neverwinter Nights gaming. We’ve skipped two full weeks of our Friday night ritual, so it’s time for some mindless bloodlust after the mindless TV. Ahhh Relaxation!

And tomorrow I will return to my birthright, the land of corn, Iowa. We’re visiting my parents so Kali can see grandpa and grandma. It’ll be nice. I can use a relaxing weekend in the middle of nowhere. Who knows, maybe I’ll get some golf or some horseback riding in too!

One thing that will make the driving bareable will be my XM Satellite Radio. I have the Delphi Ski-Fi unit, and it should allow me to listen to uninterrupted music all the way from Chicago to Iowa. It worked well on my test in the car today. Now we just have to see how it will hold up on the trip. My guess it will hold up flawlessly…

Lastly, with all the work I’ve been doing lately, you start to lose sight of the important things in life. That’s why I taped a couple of fortune cookie fortunes to my monitor at work. This will always remind me that “Family is more valuable than money” and “You have so much to be thankful for.” Indeed. Indeed I do.