Should I Flash You?

AHA! A post just THREE days after my previous one. Something must be amok! Actually, it’s the Friday before Easter, and half the business world took today off, so it’s been a slow one on phone calls. Made for a nice change. Got to catch up on some development work that I’ve had coming up. It was a nice day actually.

The dev work made me really want to start working on my personal website at Basically I want to revamp it and make it more visually appealing and maybe even more interactive. Also, I’m going to add the blog to the site, so the world can actually see what I’m up to out there. Seems weird to bare your soul to the world on the web, but I guess that’s what makes us tick as narcissists. Once I get the whole thing done, I might re-do the entire site in Macromedia Flash. Basically just to get using some of my Flash skills so they don’t get stale. Then when someone comes to the site I’ll have a lo-band version and a high-band version. Now to get motivated, and to get time…

Well no NWN tonight. Our DM didn’t have enough time to work up a module for us, so we’re holding off another week. I’m starting to have withdrawals. Might have to finally fire up the MOO3 for a long romp.

Another thing at the homefront was the addition of a small swing set for Kali in the back-yard. Jen bought it on Tuesday and she and my mother-in-law put it together the other day. Along with the playhouse that my parents got her, the backyard is starting to shape up to be a nice play area for Kali. I think she’ll be spending a lot of time outside this summer. She’s so damn cute. It’s nice to have a Daddy’s girl.