Entertainment and War

Okay two weeks again. Just when I was getting good too. Oh well, life gets in the way I guess. Well, that weekend went rather nicely. The XM was great for the drive and Kali was wonderful in the car. A four hour car ride each way and she was pretty much an angel. Hope that trend keeps up. Seeing the parents was nice too. All in all, a good weekend.

Since then I’ve been really deep in the development world at work. It’s been a lot of fun and has made the last two weeks go by pretty swiftly. It’s amazing, only two more weeks of season two of American Idol. It’s been going on for months, and now it’s almost over. Go Clay!

More good news the other day. Salem Pax, the blogger from Baghdad is back. He had been silent since early in the war and many feared he was dead. His blog is a very interesting read. Check it out. It’s the war from the perspective of an Iraqi who wants democracy, but isn’t exactly fond of how everything we’ve done has gone. It’s probably the most honest account of the war you are going to see. Now that he has access to the internet again, you can see his accounts of the war.

Saw X-Men 2, X-Men United this past week, and it was great. Really looking forward to the Matrix Reloaded too… This is turning out to be a great year for movies. The final Lord of the Rings, American Pie 3, Terminator 3! The list goes on. Good to milk those sequels I guess 🙂

Mother’s Day this weekend too, glad Jen tells me exactly what she wants. And as for my Mom, anything with pictures of Kali work out well for her.. Clubphoto is a godsend in that department!

That’s all for now, gotta run and grab some Chinese food on the way home from work.