Shopping and a Diagnosis

Weight Watch: 210 lbs. (down 6 lbs.)

Today was a weird day. First of all, I got to get out and shop a little for xmas gifts. It’s amazing how insane people are these days when it comes to shopping. I usually love to go shopping, but days like this make it like pulling teeth. As for gifts, I was able to get a few things for my wife, and one thing for me (a copy of FHM magazine with Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover, yum.) All in all it was fruitful, albeit harrowing experience.

The bad news today came in the form of a diagnosis on our eldest dog Keesha. She has had problems for quite some time with arthritis, but now she has been hobbling around more and more. The vet did x-rays today, and it looks like it could be cancer. If so, she has less than eight months to live. I don’t know about you, but our dogs are like family, and losing her will be difficult on me, and even more so on Jen. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow’s test results.

I am however looking forward to my weekly gaming ritual tonight. I will be playing Neverwinter Nights with several childhood buddies, my cousin, and a few online friends. It’s always fun and hopefully it can help me take my mind off of Keesha.