Atkins and Shopping

Weight Watch: 210 (down 6 lbs.)

Yup, still 210. And as such, yesterday I officially ended my Atkin’s run. I found myself stuck for several days at the exact same weight, and as such, I doubted more would fall based on meat and cheese alone. Instead I decided to continue to eat the things I like the most (such as Chinese food) but eat smaller portions. I’m also going to try to hit the gym more, and make sure I’m there at minimum two times a week. I’m paying a small fortune for it, so I might as well make use of it. I don’t feel I have failed, I just think I’m going to take a different path. In retrospect, doing this during the holidays was probably a bad move 🙂

Anyway, I wrapped up most of my Christmas shopping as of yesterday. I still have some stuff to pick up for Jen, but all in all things are about done. That’s a nice feeling. During our shopping spree yesterday, Jen and I picked up the special edition of the Lord of the Rings. Brilliant movie, and the extra 30 minutes adds quite a bit. I cannot wait for The Two Towers to open in a couple of weeks. If you haven’t seen it, rent it NOW!