Operation New Man

Weight Watch: 211.5 lbs. (down 4.5 lbs)

Welcome to Day Two. Well today I decided that I needed to go to the gym after work. I got a pretty good workout, but while showering, hits from Kenny Loggins and even Dancing Queen from ABBA made it’s way across the speakers. Seemed very “bath-house”-ish to me. I actually chuckled to myself while strolling out of Edward’s Fitness Center humming along…

It made me think about how music can shape your mood. It certainly does mine. On that subject, the latest song from Tonic, “Take Me As I Am” struck a cord with me on the way home. I just love the line from the chorus “Take me as I am. I’m not broken. Pieces of my life are not tokens.” I dunno, it just helped me out in Operation New Man. You need to take me as I am, but I myself can change if I want to. Very Cool.