The Original blog post

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog. I’m sure most of the world cares less of my day-to-day activities, but I didn’t write this for most of the world. I’m writing it for me, my family and friends.

Now, one of the reasons I’m doing this, is that I’m trying to take a new look at life. I’m trying to be more positive and upbeat for one. Along with this, I’m on the Atkin’s diet and trying to lose weight. I started on it yesterday at 216 lbs., and today I’m down to 213.5 lbs. A good start, but I want to at least be down 20 lbs. before I call it quits. Lastly, I want to be more creative, because being creative makes me feel alive. Hopefully this blog will help spark that.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings and please stop back for more.