COVID Diaries Pt. 18

Of Course...

It’s been awhile since I last wrote, and quite a bit has gone on.  The inauguration went off without a hitch, as Biden and Harris were sworn in.  I had feared violence, but the 25 thousand National Guard troops protecting the Capitol dissuaded that.

Speaking of the Capitol, many of the main assholes we saw storming the place have been arrested because it was so damn easy to figure out who they were.  It appears many of them are going to do serious time.   Hopefully that helps hinder that movement by taking some of the worst out of circulation, while those consequences will hopefully prevent others from following suit.

I also think they’ve been quiet because all of those lying, inciting violence, and posting about Q have been banned from many media platforms.  That lack of amplification of absolute bullshit conspiracy theories will hopefully help so that fewer people fall for the nonsense.

Let’s get to the guy who incited the riot.  He was impeached by the House for a second time, and then it went to the Senate.  We figured that not enough Republicans would have enough of a spine to get the votes needed.  Still, I had a sliver of hope that the evidence presented in the trial might just be too much for some to bear.  HA!  Yeah, not a chance.  The prosecution provided a TON of evidence, and the defense lawyers were SO laughably bad. But of course, they acquitted him anyway.

I mean it wasn’t like these Senators, who are impartial jurors, did anything like meet with the defense team.  What?  They did?  Wow, that’s pretty brazen.   If you or I were in a jury and we met with the defense lawyers to strategize how to get the defendant off, what do you think would happen to us?

Then Mitch McTurtle came out and voted to acquit, and immediately came out afterwards saying that the defendant was guilty and law enforcement should investigate.  He said he didn’t believe that you could try an ex-President when he was out of office, even though McConnell was IN CHARGE OF THE SENATE when the President SHOULD have been tried.  It’s so fucking transparent that it literally hurts my head.  These people will NOT compromise and will do everything they possibly can to stay in power, no matter how it hurts this country. No consequences for the man who incited a mob who could have killed them.  It’s pretty pathetic.

So, that’s all over and we’ll see what law enforcement does, but for now it will hopefully be quiet.  The Q weirdos still think Trump is going to be inaugurated March 4th, so I can’t wait for it to come and go so they can move the goal posts again.  Since absolutely none of the predictions have ever come true, I don’t know how these people keep getting duped.  If I fake throw a stick for a dog too many times, even they wise up.

In some good news, vaccinations are starting to pick up a bit and the current administration purchased an additional 200 million doses, which is a good thing.  One of my best friends has been vaccinated as has my mother-in-law, father-in-law and brother-in-law.  Hoping my parents can get it soon too.  I’ll wait my turn, but I’ll get it the second someone will give it to me.

In local news we’ve gotten a couple feet of snow over the last couple weeks.  Temps have been absolutely frigid with below zero temps being common.  As such, none of the snow has melted.  And every day a bit more has been falling.  We’re supposed to get another three to five inches tonight after two to three last night.  Chicago itself might even get a foot.   So yeah, been pretty cooped up and can’t even take our dog Pepper for a walk.  Looking forward to winter being over, but the solid groundhog science says we have awhile to go. 

Time to bundle up and look at a screen… just like the entire last year.  Keep hanging in there folks.