COVID Diaries Pt. 17

What the actual fuck?

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty

After my last post, the next milestone I was waiting for before I wrote again was the Georgia Senate runoffs and the US House and Senate confirmation of Joe Biden as our next president.  I figured after those milestones I could breathe a little easier again.  Well after some initial joy that the Democrats won both Senate seats in Georgia, it turned ugly as MAGA supporters stormed the capitol building during the confirmation votes.

I wasn’t surprised at all at what happened.  If you looked around online, you could see his supporters threatening violence.  It was everywhere, on Twitter, on now-defunct Parler (Nazi-Twitter) Facebook and elsewhere.  I knew those threats were not veiled.  I’ve seen the hatred and horrible rhetoric from these people firsthand.  I know these people are as hateful as they seem.

In actuality, I had been kind of in a depression spell leading up to the confirmation vote.  I thought it would go down like this, and I was dreading those two days.  The more I saw online leading up to that day, the worse I felt.

And then it happened.  The Stop the Steal bullshit rally did what I expected them to, and what they broadcasted they would.  They stormed the capitol building.

I expected that when they got there they would be met with force.  After months of seeing officers beat the shit out of protesters at BLM rallies, with tear gas, and rubber bullets, and batons, surely the same was going to happen to the rally goers.  

But it didn’t.

The capitol was woefully unprepared and understaffed.  There were some clashes with police, including where the “Blue Lives Matter” people actually TOOK a blue life.  For the most part, the crowd just flowed right on into the capitol.  They broke windows and busted down doors to get in.  Another woman lost her life after being shot by Secret Service trying to breach a window.  These people vandalized offices, stole, and even shit and pissed all over the capitol.  Men in tactical gear were in the Senate chambers with zip-tie handcuffs.  What do you think those were for?  Or the gallows outside with a noose?  What was that for?  Oh, what was that? People actually said out loud and on camera to hang the Vice President?  Really?  Well shit…

I watched from the beginning of coverage and late into the night.  I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I thought they would get to the capitol and have to be dispersed with tear gas and rubber bullets like we had seen in the summer.  I didn’t think they would actually make it in.  It’s the capitol, surely it would be locked up tight.  Well, THAT was wrong.

Apparently, the powers that be don’t have the internet, or perhaps they would have seen it coming.  Or maybe some people allowed this to happen.  They wanted this to happen.  They wanted to overturn the results of a free and fair election where the loser lost by over seven million votes.  I’m sure a lot will come out about this in the coming months, and we’ll find out who was in on the inside job.   Officers have been arrested, suspended, and one even committed suicide.  There was coordination here, and that frightens me even more.

Now after this seditious act of Insurrection at the capitol, our lawmakers went back to finish the job of validating the election.   And this is where people like Cruz and Hawley still voted against the results.  They had been cowering in offices and tunnels in the capitol just hours earlier, but they STILL perpetuated the lie that the election was stolen.   These people should wear a scarlet letter forever.

They, along with the Orange In Chief and anyone else who was continually lying about election results, are complicit in what happened in the capitol.  Five people lost their lives, one of them a police officer. Everyone that had a part should be held accountable.

It finally took this, and all the lies, to get Mr. Velveeta kicked off of Twitter for inciting violence.  It came WAY too late, but it was warranted.  He basically lost access on all social media.  In addition, the alt-right Parler app was removed from app stores because they wouldn’t remove posts that were calling for murder of elected officials and liberals.  Parler later shut down when Amazon kicked them off their platform for the same thing.  That cesspool might never come back. 

Now of course that crowd is saying that it infringes on free speech.  This is because they are idiots and don’t understand the first amendment.  The government can’t prevent you from saying anything, but companies certainly can.  Especially if you won’t take down posts advocating murder.  All those people can fuck right off and go back to civics class.

This is the thing; I can’t wrap my head around how dumb those in the base truly are.  I honestly mean this; I just don’t get it at all.  They believe every lie and conspiracy theory, they don’t understand our Constitution AT ALL, and they refused to wear masks while committing insurrection.  DC probably is one of the most surveilled places in America.  You are always on camera.   So hey, don’t wear a mask, and parade right into the capitol.  And in case the cameras didn’t catch them, they helped out by posting pictures of themselves committing the crimes on social media.  I mean holy shit.  Right now, it’s socially acceptable to wear a mask in public, and they refuse even when they are committing seditious acts.  It’s truly, astonishingly insane to me.  Every single one of them needs to be arrested and pay the price.  You could tell that they didn’t expect to be arrested, in case you need some examples of white privilege.

So, what happens now?  Well first, as I’m writing this the House has impeached that vile man for the second time.  It will go to the Senate after the inauguration for a trial there, after the Democrats take control.  In the meantime, we have another week until Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn in.   That same crowd is planning protests at all 50 state capitols, and the US Capitol as well.  There is a lot of chatter of much worse violence being planned.  This time around, however there will be twenty thousand National Guard troops protecting the transfer of power.  That should prevent another storming of the halls, but I fear for what next week brings.  It won’t end there.  We will see violence for some time to come. 

By the way, COVID is the worst it’s ever been and is killing over 4000 Americans daily.

Looks like I get to stay depressed for a while longer…