Leaving the Bullshit Behind

There’s something I’ve really been trying my damnedest to do over the last while, and that’s simply purge my life of bullshit that I don’t need. Get rid of things that bring me down, and cast away people that are nothing but downers.

Now I know that this might seem like it’s aimed at the Lotus community right now, but it’s not. It’s to everyone. If you get rid of all the bad, you can start to really concentrate on the good. Some people are too quick to tear each other down, or engage in arguments that really aren’t necessary. Why put yourself through that? Why engage with those types of people? I don’t get it.

If you follow someone on Facebook who is always bitching, or making you feel bad in some way, unfriend them. If someone on Twitter consistently makes you angry, unfollow them. If every time you talk to someone, they proceed to bitch about everything wrong with the world, stop taking their calls. If you consistently are angered by what someone writes on their blog, stop reading.

I’m serious, just purge the crap.

Now I’m not saying to simply surround yourself with like-minded automatons who agree with everything you say, that would be boring. But you CAN have people around you who can disagree, but do it in a respectful way, and respect your differences as well. If I always have to walk on eggshells around you in order to not set you off, then you are not the type of person I want to have around me. You’re bad for my energy, you’re bad for me.

Letting those types of people hang around is like not treating a disease. It infests and grows and poisons everything around you. So sharpen your scalpel and cut ’em loose. I know it’s much easier said than done, but if you really do it, you’ll be far happier I assure you.

I am, and I’ve just gotten started.