Resolutions: Making 2011 My Bitch!

As is the tradition here, every year I come up with resolutions to try to make myself and my life better in some way in the upcoming year. I’ve had varying levels of success in the past, but I’ve also been fairly specific. So this year, I’ll be a little more general. So without further adieu:

  • Nurture my family relationships – This is just making sure I make time to spend with my family without distraction. More Daddy/Daughter dates, more trips to “do stuff” rather than just hanging out at home, and more dates to connect with my wife. Family is important, and they need to know it.
  • Get a little more fit – Not going to go crazy here, but I need to exercise. It won’t be hard to exercise more, as I exercise pretty much nil right now. So I’ll play some Kinect games (which are a surprisingly good workout) ride the elliptical bike, run occasionally when the weather allows, do some situps and pushups once in awhile, and play softball again this spring. Just need to get more active.
  • Eat a little better – Once again, I just need to reduce portions and eat healthier foods a little more often. Nothing major, and I’ll still be able to eat the stuff I love once in awhile, but I just need to eat smarter, and eat less.
  • Hone my photography skills – I just need to continue to work on my passion that is photography. Take more pictures, post more pictures, learn more about Photoshop and Lightroom, and learn how to use my camera like an expert. I’m not committing to a 52 Weeks project or anything like that. I’m just going to try to make more time and do more with it overall.
  • Enjoy what I have – I’m a very fortunate person. I’ve got a good job and a good family but I tend to always want more. This year, I just want to look at what I have and try to enjoy it without worrying about what I don’t have.
  • Reduce spending – This kind of goes hand-in-hand with enjoying what I have, but I’m going to try to spend less overall. Bring my lunch to work more, Cut out unnecessary subscriptions, and spend more time with the things I have instead of spending that cash on new stuff.

So there ya go. I think they are all attainable, but I’ll need some discipline to stick to them. I truly am optimistic about this being a great year, and I think doing the above will only help facilitate that optimism. I will OWN 2011. Here’s hoping you do too!