IAMLUG Keynote live blog

And we’re done… Chris going over more logistics now… Time to kick of IAMLUG… thanks everyone!

Doug answering questions on stage now…

I will say, they didn’t push Websphere Portal which I’m actually really pleased about.  They mentioned it a couple times, but no 30 minute long spiels like I’ve gotten at LCTY etc.

Slide showing OpenNTF, PlanetLotus, Epilio… some good call outs there…

Talking Vulcan now… man I really want to see more meat around Vulcan and how it’s going to look and work… Too few details feels very vaporish right now unfortunately to me.

Although Project Conchord is getting closer.  Q3 is the documents release.  Conchord is basically Google Docs from Lotus… Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, collaborative document editing.  Looks cool, and a nice addition to Symphony as a way to combat MS and Google.  Let’s hope it’s either free, or priced to match Google Docs.

Most of all of this info is kinda the same as Lotusphere and Lotusphere comes to you however.  Nothing jumping out as hugely new…

Talking about all the stuff you probably know if you read this blog.  Traveler, Connections, Quickr… spoke a little bit of all the "Next" version of the products.

Hmmm… lost y’all for a sec as my Notes 8.5.2 client crashed while blogging 🙂

Bruce Elgort (Elguji) quote on screen now about XPages.  "X-Pages apps are finding their way into non-Lotus shops simply by working and looking great"

145 Million Notes seats sold (don’t think that number is as high as we’ve seen before, is it?)

More than half of the Global 500 corporations use Lotus Notes and Domino software

8.5.2 is being aggressively being pushed to get launched… gold release master last Friday… getting through testing

Nature of work is changing…

  • increasing complexity of work environments
  • Focus on innovation and business agility
  • Generational differences and consumerization

A McKinsey study found that performance varies for companies that depend on tacit interactions.  Nothing like buzzword bingo 🙂

Lotus knows…

  • 500 Million social networks
  • 1 Trillion connected intelligent devices in the world
  • 42% make decisions with the wrong input device at least once a week
  • $650 Billion is productivity is lost because of unnecessary business process interruption

Talking about Smarter Planet initiatives.  Focusing on some of the analytics…

Doug now now stage…

Chris Miller on stage now kicking things off.  Explaining why IAMLUG came to be, and is continuing to be…

Alright, I’ll be live blogging the IAMLUG keynote here shortly.  Doug Cox, VP Development and Support Lotus on stage shortly