Breaking the silence of the night…

…can’t you hear me screaming?

Sorry for the song lyrics, but I thought that the Queensryche line was apropos. It’s certainly been awhile since I’ve posted here, and even though I feel neglectful, I’m not going to apologize this time. Explain maybe, but not apologize.

These past couple months have been spectacularly busy for me professionally. This is actually a good thing, an awesome thing in fact. I come to work every day and hit the ground running, and hours fly by. I’d much rather do that than be bored, but sometimes it gets hard to catch my breath. In fact some days, it gets so hectic, you might actually hear me screaming.


Years ago, I would blog during my train ride commute. I had an hour ride each way, so that worked out splendidly. But then I decided to start driving to work (to coincidentally claim back some lost time and flexibility from my commuting hours) So I lost those two hours a day where I could put words to the screen. So then, I had to write during the evenings, or weekends, or maybe over a lunchtime once in awhile at work.

Well now, due to diet and time constraints, I generally eat lunch at my desk, and don’t spend a lot of time having a lunch. So once again, another avenue for blogging has gone by the wayside. This pretty much leaves the evenings, and quite frankly, I’ve been trying to devote those to my family as much as I can.

Thus, the silence.

It doesn’t mean I don’t have things to say, or opinions on things, just means that the blog has been put at a lower priority than other things lately. I can normally get what I want to say out there on Twitter and Facebook, so I haven’t felt the itch as much to blog. Also, my Zen attitude towards things has really kept me out of many of the dustups that have occurred in the Lotus community. I just don’t have a need to get into virtual pissing contests where no one really wins.

Maybe it’s my age (which I’ve really been feeling lately) or maybe it’s the trading in of my Notes Admin client for the set of pointy hair, I dunno, but I’m seeing things differently. Better and more productive in my opinion, but different.

That said, typing this right now, I realize how much I miss getting my thoughts into this virtual diary of mine. So expect to see me kind of ramp up again. IAMLUG is coming up next week, Notes 8.5.2 is on the horizon, I have some long flights which may be good for writing and there’s more personal things brewing. So for those of you who have stuck around, thanks. I’m still here, and plan to be for a long time to come.