Lotus Symphony 3 Out Now

Lotus has released the latest beta of Symphony today based on Open Office 3. Be sure to check it out. Here’s the blurb that was sent to the media, enjoy!

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Eliminates $500 per person cost of MS Office

Responding to growing demand from businesses and consumers alike looking for lower- cost alternatives, IBM is addressing this need with the next release of IBM Lotus Symphony which eliminates over $500 in Microsoft Office costs per user.

With this release, IBM is leading the charge to address the issue of vendor lock-in and exorbitant prices that continue to plague the office productivity market.

Today, many businesses need to create customized applications in office productivity tools like Excel, Word and Powerpoint in order to complete specialized tasks like forecasting and data entry. With this new release, businesses can now use Symphony 3 to work with these applications, protecting their existing investments while saving money.

IBM Lotus Symphony 3, available for download now, is an open, free of charge, Microsoft alternative for office productivity. This newest version marks the largest enhancement of Symphony since it’s first public beta in September 2007, with a whole host of user interface improvements throughout the suite. Lotus Symphony, with over 12 million users worldwide and supports over 28 languages, is provided free of charge at http://symphony.lotus.com

The entire code for Symphony 3 will be rebased onto the current OpenOffice.org 3 code stream which will bring many new capabilities including:

  • VB Macros support
  • ODF 1.2 support improves file interoperability
  • embedded audio/video allows users to add media directly to slides, documents and sheets
  • autotext support to create “chunks” of text that are used frequently and quickly inserted
  • digital signatures
  • redlines support
  • usability enhancements throughout the suite

Go ahead and explore Symphony deeper with a free download from http://symphony.lotus.com.