Six Years of Ramblings

Yesterday marked six years that I’ve been maintaining my public blog. Six years! Wow how time has flown. In that timespan my second daughter was born, I got laid off at the previous job, spent three months searching for the perfect gig, found the perfect gig, refinanced my house (three times), switched to Mac, wrote 46 articles for Intranet Journal, 7 articles for other publications, 885 blog posts and over 3500 Tweets.

Over the last year I’ve slowed down quite a bit here, and it’s for a few reasons. When it comes to Lotus stuff, I generally try to use it for my job writing for Intranet Journal. I still post some stuff here on occasion, but if it’s bigger topics, it’s nice to actually get paid for my writing. Next, microblogging with Twitter has been wonderful for me. My blog has always been a creative outlet for me to write and bitch and ponder things in life, but Twitter has allowed me to do those same things with far more immediacy. I can post what’s on my mind quickly and get feedback quickly. I admit, some of it is inane babble, but quite a bit of it leads to very useful conversations. Also, Twitter is something I can do quickly any time from anywhere with my iPhone. For the blog, I have to find time to write, and since I now drive to work, those two hours a day I used to spend blogging are spent trying not to get run into on the Chicago freeways.

Also, the new job demands a little more time, and I want to spend as much additional time with my wife and daughters as possible. It doesn’t leave a lot of extra time to put up as many blog posts as I used to. That’s okay. I have many outlets now (still including this one) that keep me feeling creative. And that’s really what it’s all about for me. Thanks for being a part these past six years, I’m thrilled (and quite frankly astonished) that so many of you follow along! I do appreciate it.