Up until two weeks ago, I hadn’t taken any vacation time all year, so in order to not lose my mind, I took two weeks off. I knew it would be sort of difficult in my new role as an IT Manager at work, but through the grace of my boss, he let me take the time off anyway. That said, I responded to email and phonecalls for work the entire time so I’m not nearly as behind as I normally am after time off. So I guess that’s good!


Anyway, we stayed fairly close to home for the two weeks, and fit a lot of fun into that span. Here’s what I got to do:

  • Upgraded a home machine to Snow Leopard
  • Had a poker night at a buddy’s house
  • Was a professional photographer for a car show
  • Took the girls on their first train ride to Chicago
  • Visited the Sears (Willis) Tower Skydeck in Chicago
  • Had my fantasy football draft
  • Went to Wisconsin Dells
  • Visited 3 outdoor water parks and 3 indoor water parks at our hotel
  • Visited the Wisconsin Deer Park
  • Went to visit my parents in Iowa
  • Attended my 20th High School Reunion in Iowa
  • Shattered the screen on my iPhone
  • Rode on a horse-drawn carriage with my family in the Dubuque, Iowa Labor Day Parade
  • Helped out my father-in-law by driving about 500 miles round-trip to pick up a car
  • Had Daddy/Daughter dates with my girls
  • Followed the Apple “It’s only Rock N Roll” event
  • Took my daughters to their favorite restaurant (Rainforest Cafe)
  • Got my iPhone screen fixed
  • Watched opening night football at New Trends Cigars
  • Visited Morton Arboretum
  • Had a date with the wife and saw The Hangover
  • Moved my desk at work to a new location while listening to the Dolphins suck

So the family and I fit in a lot in a short amount of time and it was wonderful. I’m kinda sad that it’s over, but I feel pretty refreshed and ready to tackle what lays in front of me. Onward and upward!