…aaaaannnnndddd we're back!

A couple of tweets today on Twitter from my buddies Mike and Tim convinced me that I should post on the blog again (it HAS been three weeks.) So here I am, my apologies if you were waiting with baited breath for my next amusing missive.

Truth of the matter is that I’ve been hella busy with work and life as of late. We’ve had some meltdowns at work that I had to clean up (with help from Declan thank goodness) and they took a lot of time. Also, in the midst of this I had a three day business trip to Atlanta to install a VOIP system in our office there, and also spent three days in Iowa visiting my parents. So travel and work have kept me pretty busy, and it’s kept me from posting here.

It’s not that I didn’t WANT to post. It’s just after dealing with all of this stuff, I’ve felt more inclined to relax with the family than write. I’ve missed it though, so I’ll try to get back at it again.

Another thing, several weeks ago I got in a comments war over Lotus Notes with a Notes basher. And no matter how nice I was or how I reasoned, he came back at me with a venomnous attitude, and after getting sucked in, I finally realized that life is too short for that kind of shit. It did me no good at all, and I’m sure the guy would never change his mind even if the Lotus Notes client dispensed hundred dollar bills and blow-jobs.

So I’ve come to the conclusion to not let those kind of things bother me or suck me in anymore. It cuts down on the frustration level quite a bit. That’s why I’ve also said nothing about the whole yellow-bubble thing. Because quite frankly I believe in free speech, so anyone can say anything they want to. Doesn’t bother me. I can tune them out if I don’t like it. So why anyone gets in a tizzy over certain blog posts now doesn’t really even register with me. If I don’t like it, I ignore it. Simple as that. Took me awhile to come to that conclusion, but I’m much happier now…

Lastly can we stop calling it the fucking Yellow Bubble? Stupid ass name if I ever heard one… How about Lotus Community, or Yellowverse, or Yellow bleeders, or Notes enthusiasts… ANYthing is better!