Lotusphere Resonates with Lotus Faithful

Lotusphere Resonates with Lotus Faithful is my latest article for Intranet Journal and is now live… It details all of the early happenings and announcements at the annual Lotusphere conference in Orlando, Florida.

I’ll have a summary article next week and some additional blog posts this week around everything happening here. Until then, there is a birthday to celebrate:

Lotus Notes itself turned 20 years old this week, and Lotus is positioning Notes as a hip 20 year old college student. Some of the announcements and partnerships seem to bear that out.

A hip college student indeed. Catch you on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and flickr


In addition, please vote for Lotus in any of the Intranet Journal awards that seem fitting to you. Go to the Intranet Journal homepage and click on the Product of the Year awards and let them know what you think (even if it isn’t Lotus!)