Okay, I knew that Notes sometimes has issues when sending Rich Text emails outside of the Lotus Notes ecosystem, but I wasn’t aware of how screwed up it can be sometimes. For one, if you have indented ordered lists that aren’t indented far enough, it can screw up your numbering within the lists.

For example, a legal disclaimer with 9 bullet points expanded to 14. So if you sent the email to someout outside of your company and said Hey, we need to delete #8 and #9 from the document. On YOUR document, those are the last two bullet points. But in a recipients document, those could be numbered 13 and 14. Think that might cause an issue?

Anyway, it’s nothing to worry about as Ben Langhinrichs and Genii Software will be coming out with iFidelity. He showed me a demo in the Dolphin Rotunda in five minutes. He switched to his server and entered a command to change an INI parameter from zero to one, and then magically the email fidelity was perfect. Rich text tables looked the same, the numbering lined up correctly and more.

So, if you have this problem in your organization, track Ben down. He would be happy to show you that demo. (hint: he’s the guy SLIGHTLY taller than me)