Congratulations to my Miami Dolphins on a Great Season

I’ve been a lifelong Miami Dolphin football fan, and I’ve stuck with them through thick and thin. Last year’s 1-15 season was brutal, yet I still listened to every game on Sirius satellite radio. So to see the Phins turn things around, go 11-5 and win the AFC East this year has been wonderful. We just lost in the first round of the playoffs yesterday to the Baltimore Ravens who pretty much had their way with us. In the old days (pre-Jimmy Johnson and the subsequent years of suckitude) it would have ruined my whole week.

But not this time.

I’m very proud of the team and the turnaround they accomplished. It was their first trip to the playoffs in seven years, they won ten more games than last year, and they knocked the Jets and the Patriots out of the playoff picture. So in all, it was a pretty sweet year to be a Dolphin fan. I look forward to the continued Parcells/Sparano era!