You say you want a rez-o-lou-sh-un

Well it’s time for my annual list of resolutions. I actually look forward to my year beginning and year ending posts. Setting goals and trying to keep them is a good thing. Anyway, here’s my initial list:

  • Get healthier – This is a perennial one, but I need to eat healthier and lose weight. I pretty much dropped drinking all pop this past year, so lets see if I can dial back on the portions. Then, let’s get a little exercise shall we?
  • Avoid February/March depression – For as long as I can remember, I tend to get in a really bad mood/mild depression during the February/March timeframe. I dunno why. Maybe it’s the end of the holidays. Maybe it’s the end of Lotusphere. Or maybe it’s just that winter has finally taken its toll. This year will be different. I will attack it head on and have a great couple of months.
  • Do more with my photography – This year that means a couple things. First, I want to get much better with Photoshop. I have a couple books and I want to learn them so I can get the most out of my pictures. Secondly, I just need to take more pictures for the sheer love of it. So, I will try to do at least one new decent photograph per week this year. My own 52 weeks group if you will. I may even do a separate self-portrait set of pictures. We’ll see.
  • Spend more quality time with my kids – The girls are getting older, and I don’t want them to always think of me working and not being there. I want to make sure they both get some special time every week. My eldest said she might even do my 52 photography with me, so there you go.
  • Update my personal websites – I gotta stop being a lazy-ass bitch and finally upgrade some of my personal sites and have them reflect all the changes in my life, and in the technology used to actually build the damn things. I’ve gotten a little stale in my code-fu, I need to re-up on that sort of thing.


I have a bunch more things I COULD add, but I think I’ll stop here so I might actually accomplish some of them. Here’s to a great 2009 folks!