Please vote no matter who you support

Okay, today I have been having a rather intense Twitter debate with someone who I consider a friend. The thing about this is we both think each other are completely wrong on this election. It doesn’t matter. It’s not like he will change my mind, or I will change his. The thing that does matter is that we both vote. We both make our voices heard. It’s not just our right, it’s our duty as an American.

For the people that don’t vote because they don’t feel like it makes a difference, or because they are too lazy. Well screw them. Seriously, if you care SO little, then frankly, I could give two shits about you. You have no fucking right to complain. And, if you don’t vote you should simply shut the hell up when it comes to anything concerning our government. Don’t bitch about gas prices, don’t bitch about the economy, don’t bitch about your 401K, don’t bitch about how much it costs to send your kid to college. Just shut up, I don’t want to hear it anymore.

Personally I’m voting for Barack Obama. I think he brings a new vision to these politics, he’s smart, calm and composed, and can inspire people. He’s young, in shape, and I think he has some really good ideas. Notice I say some. I don’t agree with everything, but after all the research, I think he has the best plan for our country. Listening to him read his Audacity of Hope on audiobook really helped lead me to believe this man is what America needs.

Here’s the thing. I don’t hate McCain. I’ve liked him for a long time, but I think he gave in to some of the worst parts of his party by hiring the same people that buried him when he ran against Bush. The robo-calls, the insistence on trying to make him seem like a terrorist, the email campaigns saying he was a Muslim (which is being used as derogatory, which it shouldn’t be. I could give two fucks if he was a Muslim.) Trying to make him out to be a socialist (like that’s always a bad thing.) McCain basically sold out to the worst parts of his party to try to win this thing, and that disappoints me. And to top it off, you have Sarah Palin.

She was a nail in the coffin for me. Not because I don’t believe a woman shouldn’t be president, I believe an idiot shouldn’t be president. She has proven time and again in interviews that she is in no way ready to be in the White House. She harps on socialism when she has given more welfare to her constituency than anyone. Then there was Troopergate where a bipartisan panel found she had abused her power. She said there should only be abstinence-only education in schools when that clearly didn’t work with her own daughter. McCain champions Country First, when Palin’s husband was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party. The AIP wants Alaska’s succession from America, and their motto is actually Alaska First. It seems like a huge disparity to me. Then, the whole Bridge To Nowhere thing where she said “the time to build is now” when she filled out a questionnaire while running for Governor, yet proclaimed that she SAID NO to the same bridge. Oh, then the whole ‘real America’ comments. I could go on, but I won’t. She simply should not be anywhere near the White House. It’s unfortunate that McCain had to go that route.

One last thing, and even though this is funny, the following gaffe really does expose McCain’s age to me. You are supposed to retire at 65, not get seven years older and then become president. I think this campaign as stressed him too much for his age. That’s what causes something like this to happen.

Here’s hoping you all vote, regardless of whether you agree with anything I’ve said or not. Please do.