Glad that’s over

Ahhhh, I’m feeling pretty good today.

I feel this way for a couple reasons. First, I’m starting to feel well again after about a week and a half of a nasty bronchial illness. Breathing problems, coughing so hard that every muscle wasn’t just sore, it was in pain, and being so tired that I had to struggle to stay up most evenings. I was in a NyQuil/Mucinex haze for a good ten days. I still have a cough, but today is the first day since my birthday that I actually feel decent. This, is a good thing.

Next, I just wrapped up a six week long project last Friday. If it wouldn’t have completed, I would have taken all the blame, and now that it has completed, we in IT don’t really get any credit. It’s typical, but annoying nonetheless. This was one of those instances where a salesperson promised a client something that Domino doesn’t exactly deliver out of the box. So six weeks, a consulting project and tens of thousands of dollars later, Domino has been made to do what was requested.

And what was requested was mind-numbingly not necessary in my opinion, but of course I’m not a salesperson that would promise the moon. Anyway, it’s over and it’s working, and the consulting firm we worked with kicked ass for us as always. So life is good. I’m feeling better, the high-stress time-sensitive project is behind me, and I can breathe again. Both figuratively, and literally. Expect things to pick up here again shortly!