Becoming a social butterfly

There are so many new social networks and microblogging tools out there now, that it’s hard to figure out which ones to use, so basically I’ve started subscribing to all of them to figure out which ones are good. Currently I have accounts on the following:

  • Facebook – Personal Social Networking
  • MySpace – Personal Social Networking
  • Linked In – Business Social Networking
  • Twitter – Microblogging
  • Pownce – Microblogging
  • Jaiku – Microblogging
  • Tumblr – Microblogging
  • Plurk – Microblogging
  • – Post to all of the above at once
  • – Personal Social Bookmarking
  • – Social news site
  • Flickr – Photo hosting and social networking
  • Friendfeed – Aggregate all of the above content into one place

I imagine I’ll keep all of the microblogging tools, so that anyone that wants to follow me can do so at whichever one they want. To me it’s kind of like having IM accounts on all of the systems and using one client to hit them all. Most of my effort is spent on Twitter though as conversations generally take place there.

Friendfeed is better than I expected, and a nice place to kind of put everything. Gotta see if there’s an easy way to widgetize it or put it on a webpage on my personal site too. Or is there a better overall aggregator out there that I should be using? Profilactic looks kind of decent, any of you readers using it?

So the question is, are there any really good sites I’m missing? Are there any that I should completely avoid? I’ve pretty much written off Orkut, and Brightkite and their ilk don’t appeal to me. I don’t need people knowing my physical location all the time. In fact, I prefer that they believe I just live in the ether… I’m not a big fan of MySpace either, but I maintain that just to talk with people who only have MySpace, or to check out band stuff.

So how about you folks, are you getting overwhelmed with all the options, or just using one or two, or avoiding social tools altogether. Am I a complete nutbag for using this many? Let me know…