Child Rapists Spared Death Penalty

To me, there’s nothing more despicable than violence against a child. People that sexually violate a child are the worst scum of the Earth. In fact, I’ve often thought that the death penalty should be applied in these cases. Child Rapists (as well as molesters who were entrusted with a child’s care) should just be put down in my opinion. End of story. Unfortunately it looks like the Supreme Court disagrees with me (by a 5-4 margin.)

From the majority decision:

Based both on consensus and our own independent judgment, our holding is that a death sentence for one who raped but did not kill a child, and who did not intend to assist another in killing the child, is unconstitutional under the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments.

I don’t like the decision at all, but it looks likes its based on constitutionality. [sigh] My only hope is that these bastards repeatedly get some karmic payback in prison, if you know what I mean.