Lotusphere Online has some new stuff

Well Lotusphere 2008 has gone live, and with it some cool tech. First, you get an email address and when you look at email you can either do it in Full or Lite manner. So the 8.0.1 DWA Lite option is now available. They’ve also included Connections and Quickr functionality. You can Dogear sites (I recommend this one) and you can join Communities. I’m a member of the Blogging community and OpenNTF. I also created the Lotus Mac community. Looks like Discussion databases are based on Quickr while everything else is based on Connections/Domino. I’ve noticed a conspicuous lack of Sametime functionality though. Maybe I’m just missing it, dunno.

Looks pretty decent so far. Would be nice if it was a little faster (some things seem to take forever to load), but let’s hope they are beefing it up on the way to the start date.