Damnit, why did they send out Disney Magical Express info so late…

Grrrrrrr… Just got off the phone with Disney’s Magical Express and it wasn’t that magical. You see, DME is for Disney owned hotels. If you are staying in a Disney owned hotel (Y&B are, Swan and Dolphin are not) then Disney gives you a free shuttle to your hotel and delivery of your luggage to your room. You receive special tags to put on your bags, and Disney even grabs your bags for you and delivers them to your room for you.

This is great right? No hassle. You get to get off the plane, walk right to a shuttle and go to the hotel and your stuff magically appears in your room. Rock on.

Well I got the email from Disney to make my magical reservations on January 8th at 5:33PM. 10 days before my arrival.

I called today, and guess what? They got me all set up for the shuttle, but I have to grab my own bags. Why? Well, they had to know 10 days in advance. So let me get this right, I had to let you know 10 days in advance in order to get the bags checked but you didn’t email me until 10 days before my arrival? And in your email you make ZERO mention of having to contact you 10 days in advance? They did say “do not delay”, so hell, I guess they are off the hook…I don’t understand why this email didn’t come a month ago.

Just annoying as my baggage claim is downstairs in one area, I’ll have to grab bags and go back upstairs to go back downstairs to the other area. So anyway, if you stay in the Yacht & Beach or other Disney owned hotels, make sure you call way ahead NEXT year…because you’re too late for this one.