A Quickr Way to Enhance Your Intranet

My latest for Intranet Journal is out now. “Quickr Way to Enhance Your Intranet” examines the features of the recently released Lotus Quickr. Yes I do have it running in my environment, and it does run really well. It’s just the getting it up and running in the first place that can be fun due to the lack of good installation instructions. Anyway, if you were wondering what Quickr was all about, check it out.

Quickr is the evolution of Lotus Quickplace. Quickplace has been around for more than eight years, and has always been a self-service team room and document management system. Quickr one-ups that formula by adding connectors and integration to a variety of software products, as well as adding a Web 2.0 makeover to the presentation. AJAX and brightly colored gradients are prevalent, but they really make this product seem like something fresh, and not a legacy product from 1999.