Knocked Up is a great flick…

In addition to the aforementioned toilet buying, we celebrated our anniversary by going to the movies and seeing Knocked Up.

We figured a little romantic comedy would be a good thing on our anniversary, and we were right. The movie was great. And it’s great for guys and girls alike as it really isn’t a chick flick or a guy flick, it’s a really cool combination of the two. The insanely beautiful Katherine Heigel and the insanely funny Seth Rogen really have great chemistry together and that makes the movie work. They touch on a lot of things that couples go through, and even hit married life and having kids. I think if you are married with a couple kids, this movie will really hit home for you too.

People are comparing it to The 40 Year Old Virgin, and I can see that, but I actually liked Knocked Up better. If you want a really funny movie to see this weekend, go out and see it. It’s Greyhawk approved!