Twelve years. In the toilet?

Yesterday my wife and I celebrated 10 great years together on our wedding anniversary (we’ve actually been married 12) . We always like that joke, but the best part is that it’s true, and we both agree on which years weren’t so great.


Anyway, my wife was excited about the present she wanted to get me, but she needed me to help pick it out. She wouldn’t tell me where we were going, but eventually we wound up at Lowe’s home improvement store. We headed into the bathroom section, and right up to the toilets. ‘Pick whichever one you want,’ she said.

Now buying your husband a toilet on your anniversary isn’t what the typical household does. But, in my case, it was AWESOME!

You see, when we got our house 10 years ago, my wife became our general contractor. We basically re-did an entire 50 year old house. She ripped out walls, hired electricians, re-designed spaces and all of that type of stuff. But, one decision she made was to go with cheap toilets. And I have hated them every day since. Not enough pressure, never flushing only once, none of that. I’ve griped for years about them, and much like a kid falling in love with a puppy in the pet store window, I had fallen in love with toilets that could flush two dozen golf balls in a single flush. Some day, I thought. Some day.

Well that day was our anniversary, and once again, my wife proves she knows me better than anyone. Our marriage is most definitely NOT in toilet, but undoubtedly better because of one!!!

Thanks hon!