Blogger BoF

Just got back from the Blogger BoF, and it was a packed house. I couldn’t believe that we filled a room, albeit a small one, at 7AM. In my eight Sphere’s, This is the first time I’ve ever actually MADE something at 7AM at Lotusphere. I guess the trick in making a 7AM session is to not go to bed.

Anyway, I’m glad I made it. I felt, and by many people’s accounts, looked, like hell. But I think I contributed to the discussion. It was nice to see that so many of the bloggers have gotten tangible benefits from blogging. People were talking about new jobs, writing gigs and relocations all centered around what was read on the user’s blog. I was in the same boat. This blog largely contributed to my starting to write for Intranet Journal.

Speaking of Intranet Journal, my second article this week (all about Notes 8) should show up on their site later today. Once it does I’ll put a link here.

But for now, it’s off to bed. Last night is what I would call EPIC. Thanks much to the whole crew for a wonderous evening. You know who ya are. With friends like you, I definitely do not need enemies! 🙂