Connections uses WAS, DB2 and LDAP

Just wanted to get this out there for a few people since they were asking. I got confirmation today that version 1 of the Connections product runs on Websphere, DB2 and LDAP. So it won’t be as easy for pure Domino shops to drop in like Quickr seems to be. Also, it’s not finalized, but you should be able to license pieces of Connections, or an all-in-one bundle.

Specifically it was said that the Activities piece can and probably would be the most likely piece to have separate licensing at launch. That would allow people to just buy activities and incorporate that into their environment.

Of course this is not finalized yet, so some of this may change, but for now this is how it will probably be. I dunno, if the installer can make the WAS/DB2/LDAP setup really simple, then it might get traction at Domino shops, otherwise I fear it will really only be useful for those that already have portal expertise in house.