Should I set up my RSS feeds on FeedBurner?

Hey all, I wanted to get your opinions on something. I’m thinking of setting up all my RSS feeds on FeedBurner and I wanted to get your input. I’ve read various opinions both pro and con on the issue, and I wondered what exactly you folks would think?

I’m thinking about doing it for a couple of reasons. If I host with Feedburner, my feeds will never change, no matter what my URL becomes. So if I switch providers (not that I want to, I love DDN) or if I switch my URL (which I do want to do) then people that have subscribed never know that it’s happened, they just continue getting the normal feeds.

The second reason is that I would get some decent statistics on who is reading via RSS. I already use and Google Analytics to track stuff on my site, but they don’t really capture enough info on people reading via RSS.

So folks, give me the dirt. Is FeedBurner the greatest thing since sliced bread and I SHOULD do it, or is it evil incarnate and I should avoid it at all costs?