Shut up about flag burning. FIX SOME REAL ISSUES!!!

I totally agree with Scott Adams of Dilbert fame on the (non)issue of flag burning.

I consider myself a highly patriotic guy and I understand how people can get worked up over the flag being burned. I love my flag. But symbols are personal things, and everyone is free to interpret them however they see fit. For me, a flag that I’m NOT allowed to burn is a symbol that the government is too intrusive in my life. And it’s an insult to anyone who died to defend freedom. But that’s just me. You might prefer your symbols of freedom to have as many restrictions as possible.

Oh how perfect this post was. I would write more about it, but Scott says everything I wanted to say on the topic, and probably more eloquently. The Dilbert Blog is one of my favorite reads every day now, and this is why.