Saving you $8

Okay folks, I meant to blog about this way before now, but I NEED to warn you.


Now I love spoof movies. The Scary Movie franchise is absolutely hilarious, and I also really liked (and own) Not Another Teen Movie. These movies are parodies of other movies in their genre. Date Movie is supposed to be the same thing. It’s a riff on all the bad date movies out there. I had high hopes, as I adore Alyson Hannigan but they were dashed almost immediately.

The opening of the movie has Alyson in a fat suit dancing to Milk Shake by Kelis. Mildly funny, but it dragged on for an eternity…and never got funnier, it just got sad. The rest of the flick isn’t much better at all. Instead of anything intelligent, they only went for the crude toilet humor. Quite literally in some cases. It was bad enough that the wife and I almost left in the middle. But, we decided to soldier on thinking it HAD to get better. It didn’t. At all.

So if I have done no other good deed this year, hopefully I will have kept you from wasting your money on this horrible horrible film.

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