Microsoft is Coming…

Okay, awhile ago there was a little discussion on Ed’s blog about how IBM wouldn’t let Microsoft have a pedestal this year. At the time, I thought it was fairly ballsy (something MS would absolutely do to Lotus), but I also thought that if Lotus wasn’t scared of Microsoft, they would have let them have a stand. I also defended Gary a bit because I think he’s a pretty nice guy, and I didn’t really think that HE had ulterior motives.

It doesn’t matter, because Microsoft is DEFINITELY coming for Lotus.

I heard from the horse’s mouth a story involving high-ranking Microsofties, and a programmer we ALL respect. It’s not something I can really talk about, but suffice to say, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that MS is gunning for us, and our userbase, and is willing to do pretty much anything it takes to win that userbase.

I take back anything I’ve ever said defending MS. They want to get inside, they want to turn our users, and they want to steal every little bit they can. All of this talk about interoperability from Gary is bullshit. Gary may truly believe he’s there to make everyone get together in kumbaya fashion, but it’s not like that for his bosses at all. Microsoft is trying to get our developers comfortable with their products, then they will propose migrations with tools they WILL eventually have. Don’t be surpised to see these tools become open-source either. It’s their formula for domination. Do NOT let your guard down.

This battle is just beginning, let’s start fighting back now, before it’s too late. Lotus has taken off the gloves, I suggest we all do so as well.

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