Use the force Julian…

I’m currently sitting the in Java Jumpstart for the Domino Developer jumpstart from Tom Duff and Julian Robichaux. So YES, I can drink all day, go to bed at 3AM and still make a morning session. I’m a Lotusphere Warrior damnit!

When I first got here, the hallway outside of the session was the most crowded I have EVER seen one. Julian and Tom are frickin’ rock stars man, I’m serious. I ALMOST left because I thought it would be way too full, but since I got my ass out of bed with a hangover, I’m making the damn session.

I have not been dissapointed! There has been silly string, Super Soaker crotch shots, and Julian using a lightsabre as a “laser pointer.” Oh yeah, they are talking about Java programming too


Damn you Julian, now I want a lightsabre!

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