Guard your USB Keys and don't be stupid

Yesterday I got into my elevator at the Beach Club and saw a USB key on the floor. Being the good geek and good samaratan that I am, I decided to plug it in and try to figure out whose key it was. Well, I figured it out. There was a PowerPoint presentation, several word docs, and two things that I couldn’t quite believe.

Right there on the key was names.nsf and journal.nsf. Completely unencrypted. So, I opened them both, got an address book with hundreds of numbers, and the journal had lots of infomation that shouldn’t be public. Usernames and passwords etc. If I were an evil prick, I could have done a lot of damage.

Luckily for this lady, I’m not. I wrote down her name and turned in the key to the front desk and let them know it was hers.

Moral of the strory, protect your USB keys, and if you insist on putting sensitive data on it, for god’s sake encrypt the damn thing. The next person may not be as nice.

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