You don't know what you've got, 'til it's gone…

This past weekend… really from Thursday night through Tuesday afternoon, I was without internet access from Crapcast

Now when I have a self-imposed time-out from the internet, it’s one thing. It’s entirely another when it’s not of my own volition. I found that I was catching myself over and over again suggesting things that required the internet… You really don’t realize how much you rely on it until it’s not there. And it’s such a habit to fire up the browser when I sit down to my machine at home, I must’ve done that a dozen or so times. In addition, here are the other things that I really couldn’t do for almost five days:

  • Ripping CD’s with iTunes. I could do it, but the auto-download of all the artist, genre, and track info wouldn’t work. Not gonna type that in
  • We went to a movie on Sunday. I couldn’t check what was playing, or times, or buy tickets online.
  • I wanted to look up info on a hotel. Might’ve even booked it.
  • I wanted to look up info on flights for Lotusphere. Might’ve even booked it.
  • I wanted to track my packages that I’m having delivered
  • I wanted to update my fantasy football teams
  • I wanted to track my fantasy football team’s progress
  • I wanted to see what station the Miami Dolphin game was on on Sirius satellite radio
  • I wanted to transfer songs from my Yahoo Music Unlimited account and my Tivo2Go to my new MP3 player. Couldn’t do it because it had to verify licenses on the internet.
  • We wanted to order groceries from Peapod
  • I wanted to play GuildWars Friday night (as per my normal ritual) and couldn’t
  • I wanted to do some research on Christmas gifts that I was going out to purchase
  • I wanted to work from home, couldn’t do it
  • I wanted to check my online banking and pay some bills
  • I wanted to research RAM prices
  • I couldn’t make phonecalls, because my phone is done over Vonage’s VOIP system.
  • I wanted to register for a certification test, and didn’t know where to do it if I could only call on the phone

Now, I’m sure that there are several other things that I’ve forgotten… but every time I thought to do something, I had to remind myself that the internet was down. It’s unreal how something like that has become so engrained in my existence.